The Journey Begins

You are just like me. You overthink. Replay. Analyze. Every word, breath, and moment. Your mind wonders past stop signs and avenues looking for clarity or a sign of relief. Take my advice. You will not find it here. You will not find the answers you seek sitting alone in your car screaming to the heavens. You will not find the reasons why scrolling through blurry eyed old memories. No. I am sorry.

You cannot call upon the universe to make sense of every twisted hardship that it throws at you. But, you can call upon the universe for healing. It is only through this healing that you will hear the clarity you need. The light you think that has abandoned you, still burns. You have just chosen to let it dim with the thoughts in your mind. But, that’s the thing. They are merely thoughts. Billboards along the highway in your mind. They are created to distract you. So, as you sit and overthink every word, breath, and moment that brought you to another mental breakdown or a cry for help, I want you to listen to me. You are not a product of the horrible things you think you have experienced. Nothing in life is ever bad. It is simply how you perceive it that creates the badness. Let your light burn. You have this power. You have always had this power.

Let yourself heal every day. Heal from the past you cannot change. Heal from the present that is in constant flux. Heal from the future that is out of your control. If you must overthink, overthink the blessing in this situation. If you must replay, replay the goodness you remember. And if you must analyze, analyze where this is going to take you.


They convinced you
your beauty must be masked
by the harshness of your scars.
They do not know the most
radiant artistry
blooms in the mist of sorrow and pain.

“Love yourself so much that even your demons will tremble in your presence.”


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