Vibe High On Life

I find the universe speaks to me through many different people. Similarly to my last post, I was recently introduced to the notion that “what you focus on, you create” in different yet, very synchronized instances. Again, the universe was knocking at my door.

As someone who is working to combat the negativity of the ego, I see the full purpose of this mindset. I have struggled to see life through love for a very long time. I have fallen deep into a fear warp cycle of anxiety, depression, and pretty much every panic meltdown you can think of. And you know what, I kept creating the same world over and over again. No matter how hard I tried, these unsettling feelings (driven by my unhealed insecurities) kept creeping back up on me. I was a sad victim of the world my ego wanted me to see. I was living straight from my fear soul center, and boy was I living it.

We tend to perceive our lives with a sense of lack. We focus so hard on what is NOT working, that we seemingly keep creating the exact thing we want to leave behind. Guess what! That means we all completely, 100% live through your fear soul center. The more we see your life with lack, the more lack we create. It is that simple. Therefore, what you focus on, you create! Get it! So, if what we focus on, we create….why not focus on the good?

Well, it is easier said than done. Your ego has a tight hold of you right now. But, you can choose to shift your perception. Aka make the conscious decision to live through your love soul center. When you choose love over fear, you start to see the miracles already in your life. You become a happiness magnet and thankful for everything in your life that is already working. The vibration you give off is in direct correlation with the vibration you receive back. When you vibe on a higher frequency, you attract high vibers just like you. Even high vibe situations and experiences all of a sudden present themselves to you. So, why vibe low when you can choose to vibe high?

Let’s transform the world into high vibers! Let’s start with you!

When this new way of thinking presented itself to me, I quickly felt my ego kick into high gear. Clearly did not want me to shift to love. I decided to sit in meditation and really let these words sink in. What I heard was miraculous.

First and foremost, love yourself. This crucial for emotional healing. When you love yourself, your life becomes a constant ease. Nothing can bring you down because you are so deeply devoted to yourself. When you love yourself, your demons vanish. Do not submit to the insecurities your ego has forced you believe you have. These are mere illusions created by your ego to keep you living in fear. When you learn you have the power to choose love, your demons don’t stand a chance. News flash! Happiness starts with you! Completeness is from within. You must heal yourself from the inside out. Nothing outside of you can give you the satisfaction that loving yourself can. Happiness does not start with a relationship, a dream job, or traveling the world. It starts with your acceptance and appreciation that your life is exactly how it is supposed to be in this moment. FOCUS ON THE GOOD AND THE GOOD KEEPS COMING! But, this goodness starts with the love you give yourself. And, it feels good to feel good! So keep the good coming! And, your life will just be an endless stream of goodness because you will be too busy loving yourself to ever let your ego take over again.

Next, your past is not your present moment. We like to live in the past. We feel safe here. But, this safety is not real! All of the attack thoughts, flashbacks, and worry is tied to things that already happened! In other words, THEY ARE NOT HAPPENING NOW! But, hey! You keep creating them because you keep focusing on them. How many of you can say that you have found yourself in the same unhealthy relationship or dead end job? Well, that’s because the world you see is the world you want to see. Unconsciously you are choosing to live through your fear soul center and therefore, living through the ultimate black hole of fear and lack! Here’s a fun fact. When you think about a painful memory, your mind recreates the same feelings and emotions you experienced when it first happened. Now, think about all the times throughout the day that you think about the same painful memory. You are literally living in the same constant nightmare every single minute of the day just because you decide to focus on it. Then, you project it onto the present and see all the things your life lacks. When you choose to forgive the past and see the present as the present, you begin to feel more gratitude towards…yes you guessed it…WHAT IS WOKRING!

Lastly, trust you being divinely guided. This is a huge concept, and most people struggle to surrender to a power greater than themselves. Our logical minds have difficulty comprehending the unknown. We like to control our lives. But, it is this control that restricts our universal purpose in life. Take your hands off the steering wheel. Sit back, and let the universe drive from now on. When you leave everything to the universe, a whole weight lifts off your shoulders. You automatically vibe higher! Understand that the only responsibility you have in life is to just vibe.

When you vibe high on life, life vibes right back. Things start to fall into place. And, on this journey to inner peace, they are the only vibes that matter.

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