Surrender And Surrender Some More

I am the first to admit that my past consists of hard and undeniable truths. I am not perfect. The way I look at it, we all have two choices in our lives. We either live in fear or faith of the unknown. It has taken me a long time to accept certain situations in my life, and honestly it is an ongoing process. I am not going to lie, I have more frequent bad days than I do good. Yet, it is in these random glimmers of hope that I receive the calmness from a power greater than myself. I simply surrender and immediately realign with love.

The concept of surrender is difficult to grasp. I mean you are literally saying an entity far beyond physical consciousness is in control of every aspect of your life. Sounds actually insane, right?! Especially, in a society that is driven by such clear-cut-logical-fact-checked beliefs and mindsets, a connection to the universe is basically non existent.

I can tell you first hand that I have struggled to connect and believe in such an out of sight concept. With all of the war, hatred, and pain present in the world, how can this greater power even survive?

What I have learned is that the universe is love. That is it. There isn’t some long in-depth definition. It is simply love. No matter what you believe in and what you don’t, I think we can all agree that love is the only healing power. Now, you can’t see love. You can’t hold love. But, you can feel love. Just like how I feel random glimmers of hope, that is love. That is the universe. You can’t see the universe. You can’t hold the universe. But, you can feel the universe. That is love. I can choose to deny and revert back to my fear soul center, but that is one dark and lonely path. So, I am here to tell you how much lighter your life becomes when you let go and surrender to the universe, to your INNER GUIDES!

The universe protects and guides us to our highest good. BUT, ONLY IF WE LET IT! You must surrender in order to receive. You can’t go around life with a low vibe frequency and expect a high vibe frequency back! It is our responsibility to surrender what we think we want, aka usually what is causing us to feel so low, and be willing to receive what we need. In other words, the universe knows best. We no nothing. Sorry to be the one to drop this bombshell, but you are not in control of your life. Instead, choose to surrender right now. Take the pressure off of yourself and say, “Take these worries, painful thoughts, and unexplainable circumstances. Lift me of my burdens, I am ready to step back and let you guide me.” And, in that moment you consciously sign a contract with the universe that you are ready to receive what is truly meant for you.

When you decide to live along side the universe, you decide to live a life filled with bliss and goodness. YOU DECIDE TO LIVE A LIFE FILLED WITH LOVE.

Let yourself be one with this loving presence, and watch love radiate through and back to you. The universe wants you to be happy. It literally created happiness. IT IS LOVE! So, why are you fighting it? Surrender this fight. It is not battle lost, but a battle won. Think of it like this, your inner guide has been with you since birth. It has been whispering gentle reminders of love all your life. But, society has caused you to reject it. Instead, you revert to fear, judgement, and heartlessness no matter how badly you want differently.  When you become one with the universe, than the gentle reminders of love will suddenly sound like sirens in your ears. Everything will become clear.

I am going to tell you something that I struggle with everyday. We actually block the universe’s true intentions for us. We try to so hard to control our lives. We schedule everything on an unrealistic scale. I am sure you have said to yourself, “Oh by next year, I will land that dream job.” And then, you spend the whole 365 days devoted to that single idea just for the year to roll around and still nothing. That is when the disappointment sets in and all of those unhealed childhood wounds resurface. The “I’m not good enough.” The “I’m a failure.” I can raise my hand and say I do the exact same thing.

Well, did you ever stop and wonder if what you are trying so badly to create is blocking what was created for you.

Stop right now and surrender every part of your life. Because when you let the universe bring you that dream job, romantic partner, or whatever you have been dying for, you will realize it is nothing what you expected for yourself. And, you will feel ease, like it was made for you. BECAUSE IT WAS. No matter how far off your destined path you travel, when you surrender a magical short cut appears to redirect you back home. You stop living in your mind and start living in your heart. My fear and love soul centers are always in a constant battle, but the moment I choose to surrender, the chaos disappears. I feel lighter because love is universally light.

Surrender, and have faith in the universe that your life is turning out exactly how the it is intended to. Accept that in this moment everything is how it is supposed to be. That maybe hard to comprehend because according to you, nothing is working out the way you wanted. But, there is a power greater than us all that has each of our highest goods in mind. When I surrender my fears from the past, my present becomes filled with love. I want the same for you. Simply trust. Surrender is the most powerful thing we are capable of.

I often hear my inner guide say, “Let go, and let me.”

And, I do.



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