It All Comes Down To Time

I know trusting the universe is a difficult concept to grasp. I work on my connection with my inner guide everyday, and still find myself frustrated. It is because we are so used to controlling the outcomes of our lives, that putting all of our faith into an invisible inner entity seems impossible. It makes most people feel crazy. We are programed that seeing is believing, that anything real in the world has to be physically present to exist. Yet, we should be focusing on the fact that believing is seeing. When we turn over our control to the universe, we actually start to see for the first time.

I am someone who struggled with needing to know the answers and finding the reasons why certain events happened in my life right when I wanted them. I have spent months reliving pain and sadness because I couldn’t let go of my control over situations. It wasn’t until I decided to release this control that I realized how uncontrollable life really is. We are all obsessed with needing everything to come to us right away. We have become so impatient that patience doesn’t exist. We are all obsessed with living on our own time. But, that is not what life is. Life is living on the universe’s time. When we learn this, we can let go knowing we are being guided to our highest good. Everything will be given to us at the precise time and place we need them.

When we focus on trying to control outcomes, we actually block our true universal manifestations. Let’s say you have been working to land that dream job. You have applied to every application and gone to every interview. But, nothing. You have become so consumed with this one particular outcome, this one particular job, that you are really blocking yourself from something greater. When you let go of  your need to land this specific position, a position you never even dreamed of will become available to you. But, this only happens when you let go of your control over the situation. You step back and say, “Inner guide, I recognize that I am powerless. I will stay out of my own way, and let you guide me.” Then, watch how fast what is meant for you shows up at your doorstep. Everything will start to come together because the universe has a plan greater than your own. Chances are it is nothing like you are imagining for yourself right now.

Time itself is difficult to grasp, let alone thinking about it in regards to the universe. But, these two work hand and hand. Think of every lesson life has thrown at you. Really think. Were you expecting them? Did you make them happen? Of course not. The universe did. And, chances are you are still trying to figure out the big “WHY” question. I hate to break it to you, but you will never understand the “WHY?”, until you release your control of figuring out the “WHY?” Those lessons were specifically placed in your life for reasons beyond your conscious knowledge. Therefore, it drives people insane when the unthinkable happens. Yet, just like how those situations showed up, the answers to the “WHY?” will show up to. But, you have to be patient, and patience is hard when we are used to being impatient.

When you stop trying to figure everything out, you accept your life as being exactly the way it is supposed to be in this moment. I know that is hard. Some things seem unfair and hurtful, but you must trust that there is a power working behind the scenes on your behalf. And, in time, you will realize why you lost that job or had your heart broken. You will realize that those things needed to happen when they did to bring you to where you are meant to be. And, chances are, it is somewhere you never dreamed of being. Yet, it will feel right. Well, duh! Because it was meant for you! Simply shift your perception. Think of it like this. If the universe took that person or job out of your life, that must mean you are destined for someone or something greater.

When you let go of the burden of searching for answers, you become infinitely lighter. You return to your true essence of love. You start to live from your love soul center again because you realigned with the universe. When we are in control, we are acting out of fear. We are so afraid of what could happen, that our control becomes a defense mechanism from the unknown. But, this mindset keeps from living as love. It creates anxiety, worry and we miss out on what is supposed to be ours. Just think about it. The universe has so many amazing things planned for you that you can’t receive because you are too busy trying to make what you think you need happen. I mean come on! Who doesn’t want happiness! And, it starts when you choose to take your hands off the steering wheel.

When the time is right, everything will be given to you. Every answer and truth will be delivered on a silver patter. But, you first must let go of all the ways you are manipulating your life. Let the universe step and do its thing. Trust is difficult, but so is living a life in control. Be open to receiving what you never thought was possible. Do not rush your miracles. They arrive when they are needed. Simply be guided and wait.

It all comes down to time, and time comes down to patience.

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