The Now Isn’t Really The Now

The universe often sends us the same sign over and over until we consciously decide to notice it. For me, that sign has been patience. Now, I touched upon patience in my last post, but I think the universe wants me to dig even deeper.

Now, we hear “BE PATIENT” all the time. Yet, I feel like no one really understands what being patient means. Like, what are we really waiting for when we choose to “BE PATIENT”. For the longest time I struggled with this idea. I was someone who wanted things to happen the moment I wanted them to. I have obsessed and been consumed with outcomes simply because I couldn’t make sense of what the universe was putting me through. It was like I kept hitting an invisible brick wall every time I tried to make something happen for myself. And, I bet you can guess what resurfaced from these constant dead ends… yep, my childhood wounds. The “I’m not good enough”, the “Why me”, it was like listening to the same record playing non stop in my mind. And, I know I am not the only one. I mean seriously, our whole society runs on 5 hour energy drinks and caffeine. WE WANT EVERYTHING NOW.

Here is what I have realized. We have defined “the now” all wrong. To us, we have actually conceptualized it in terms of what our lives lack. We say things like “when I find someone, I will be happy or when I get that job, I will be happy”, and we reject everything that we currently do have in our lives. In other words, our motto has become “I am not happy now, but I will be”. We have been dedicated to busting our asses to make things happen for ourselves because that is what society has taught us to do. “The now” doesn’t even exist because everyone is already looking seconds ahead of the current moment.

This is why it is so important to be patient. When you are patient, the burden of needing to know all of the answers suddenly is lifted. BECAUSE YOU DECIDED TO TURN OVER THE CONTROL TO UNIVERSE. Where it belongs. And, that means “the now” belongs to the universe to. Simply put, “the now” is the energy we are immersed in everyday. It is not a time or a place. It is just being. And, therefore…

Are you ready for the real kicker…”The now” is constantly in motion. Just like we are. And, guess what, you will not even be the same person you are this second by the time you finish reading this sentence. Trippy huh?

So being patient means living simply with the flow of the now, with the flow of the universe, knowing that everything will work out when it is meant to. It is not lack, it is abundance.

You are protected. You do not need to figure out the big life questions yourself. That is not your responsibility. Do you realize how much lighter and easier your life will be when you decide to slow down and be patient. “The now” actually becomes fun. That is when life starts to be interesting and surprising because we really don’t know what we are waiting for. So drop your worries, you are being guided.

Sticking with patience is difficult. It is commitment. But, what better commitment than one with the love of the universe.


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