You Are Stronger Than What Your Mind Tells You

Sometimes I feel like I am on a ferris wheel. Chained to the seat, stuck going around and around. I have sat at the top and I have sat at the bottom. Endlessly. It is a lonely existence. I have lived and relived situations in my life where I cannot escape. I try to break free, cut off this cycle. But, for some reason my thoughts keep me trapped to this ride. I work hard, I better myself, I forgive the past. Then, why do I sit on this ferris wheel? Isn’t it someone else’s turn. I see the line waiting. Then again, I wouldn’t wish this fate on anyone. Sometimes it is beautiful. Sometimes at the top, when the wheel hits the sunset just right. But, most of the time I just miss it. Are you like me? Do you want to get off?

Well, this ride is an illusion. Painful. But, an illusion none the less.

So the question is….What do I do? What do you do?

The answer is simple. “I am stronger than what my mind tells me.” And, so are you.

You see, the mind is a powerful thing. It has the ability to make you believe your past is your present, and your present is your future. So you just sit there on your own ferris wheel, going around and around. Some may think this is a death wish. And, trust me I have. But, what we forget on this ride of past mistakes is that perhaps we have been delaying the inevitable. Delaying the pain. Thinking we are healing, when we really are numbing. Numbing the pain with other pain. Only to sit on the ferris wheel waiting to relive it again.

But, we are stronger than this. There is an exit. I know, I have seen it many times. Just when I think the bar will lift, and I can step off, it goes around again. It is frustrating, but that is what the wheel wants. It wants you stay. It wants to throw you into the fire again. It wants you to see the sunset at top, just to send you back down. SO BE STRONGER THAN THIS. Commit to healing. Commit to feeling the pain, not just passing through it. Because, it will never go away. You will sit on this ride for eternity if you let yourself. SO DON’T.

Our minds trap us to only see the bad, only see the people who leave, or the painful memories. But, there is a loophole your mind does not want you to know about. And, that is, “YOU ARE STRONGER THAN WHAT YOUR MIND TELLS YOU.”

The key to walking off this ride is simply lifting the bar, unhooking the chains, HEALING THE PAIN. Your mind convinces you this is your fate, but it is not. All you have to do is believe you are strong, believe you are deserving of greatness, believe you can free yourself. And, you will.

You may have to go around a few more times to get it right. It may be discouraging. But, I promise you can do it. The next time you see the sunset at the top, commit to getting off when it arrives back at the bottom.

I am committed. Are you?



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